Mellanox LinkX [MTMQ16PPN]

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QSFP port cage, 1x6, press fit with PCI type heat-sink

Product Code: MTMQ16PPN

Brand Mellanox



Mellanox LinkX QSFP+ port cages for systems and adapters. Mellanox’s solution is being offered in three different options: one QSFP port, six QSFP ports, six QSFP ports with light pipes. 

The QSFP+ cages are designed for different markets and applications including hubs, switching, routers and adapters. The Mellanox QSFP+ cages are part of the end-to-end solution that Mellanox offers, allowing you create the optimal system using the Mellanox Silicon IC device and building the best planned data centers with Mellanox Cables and Modules and Mellanox systems and Adapters. 

The QSFP port cages are being offered in three different options: one single QSFP+ cage, line of six port cages with and without light pipes.

Additional Information

switch software No
Switch Silicon No
Switch CPU No
Manufacturer No
QSFP+ - 40Ge No
QSFP+ - 10Ge No
RJ45 - 10Ge No
RJ45 - 1Ge No
SFP/SFP+ - 1Ge/10Ge No

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