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About Xentech B.V.

Xentech B.V.

Our mission

Since 2006, our focus has been on one simple goal, to provide the (high-end) IT solution that meet the specific needs of our customers best based on competitive pricing. We continiously scout the market for new IT developments and upcoming products that we think will give our customers the edge to stay ahead of the competition. Optimal product quality, superb customer services, increasing product build efficiency, short delivery times and more economical pricing are some of the important values that we have on our agenda. In the end it is all about meeting and going beyond customer needs and expectations.


Quick facts

* Professional consulting; Analysing customer IT needs and providing the most suitable solution.

* One-stop shop for Servers, Workstations, Networking and Components; Getting the most suitable interacting solution.

* Long-term experienced computer builder and system integrator.

* Authorised System Integrator for several well-know brands, for example Supermicro Computer.

* Authorised Distributor for Software Defined Networking (SDN) switches from Pica8, Inc.

* Intel Technology Provider.


Company Introduction

Xentech B.V. was established in 2006 as one of the market leaders in providing high-end server, high-end workstation and Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions for the financial industry (financial institutes, daytrading, market making and high-frequency trading). We have immersed ourselves in the ever fast-changing IT industry and have created an important role in advising our customers choose the best IT solution. We are dedicated in delivering the latest IT technology and going the extra mile, letting your company stay ahead of the competition.

Our customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, financial companies, data centers, media companies, government entities, educational institutes, webhosting companies and small and medium business. We meet our customer needs in several countries and data centers globally, the sky is the limit.


Shipping anywhere worldwide

UPS - DPD - TNT - FedEx - DHL

Custom built servers

Servers are custom built to client specs

Online customer support

Extended warranty and support options

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